Brows Lamination Glam Package

Eyebrows Lamination and Hybrid Tinting package.

Eyebrows lamination is the perfect option to add volume, they last 6-8 weeks and hybrid tinting 7-14 days on the skin and up to 7 weeks on hair.

Glam package is an option if you are not ready to commit to cosmetic tattooing yet and as a trial to see how your eyebrows would look before you decide to have them tattooed.

Hybrid Dye Brows & Lashes

Brows and Lashes Hybrid Tinting

Hybrid Brows + Lashes + Shaping $85

Hybrid Brows + Lashes Tinting $65

Hybrid Eyebrows + Shaping $60

Hybrid Brows Tinting. $40

Hybrid Lash Tinting $30

Brows & Lashes Tinting

Eyebrows Tinting $20

Eyelashes Tinting $25

Eyebrows + Lashes Tinting $40.

Eyebrows Tinting + Tidy Up + lashes Tinting $55.

Eyebrows Lamination + Hybrid Dye $65.

Eyebrows Lamination + Shaping + Hybrid Brows $85