Restoring beauty, energy and health with nature and technology and now brings you the new face of Microdermabrasion – Flower Peel:

Flowers are nature’s gift for their radiant beauty and healing vibrations. Each plant has its own unique biochemistry of shapes and colour which affect us not only aesthetically but also emotionally and spiritually.

Flowers are uplifting, potent and energising. Now, with the energising effect of the flower peel we can enjoy the benefit of a powerful peel that helps to removes blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles with the added dimension of aromatic plant healing, beauty and wellbeing.

This multi-dimensional approach to beauty through wellbeing is a reflection of our philosophy – through the beauty of Nature we are transported from the stresses and strains of our ever busy world to the world of real energy vibration and wellbeing.

Features of the flower peel:

• Made from gentle organic plant grains

• Unique multi-dimensional treatment


Flower grains are ideal for peeling before a special occasion or night out as there is no downtime required or trauma to the skin.

Flower grains maintain the integrity of the tissue whilst removing the dead skin cells pigmentation, blemishes or fine lines from the epidermis up.

Flower grains are beneficial to troubled skin with minimal trauma.

The unique Flower Peel helps to stimulate collagen production in 6 sessions with the extra benefit of being able to be used more frequently with no downtime and can be used before photography to create high definition beauty.


• Sensitive skin

• Fragile skin

• Gentle polishing

• Rosacea

Soothing Lavender is one of the most versatile flowers with many therapeutic properties beneficial to all skin types useful for insomnia and anxiety – it is very soothing and helps protect against environmental pollutants.

Lavender is non – hydrating and gives a glow to stressed, environmentally challenged skin.

Lavender has been used in beauty since the time of the ancient Egyptians whom used it for medicinal and healing purposes.


• Oily skin

• Acne treatment

• Open pores

• Hormonal breakouts

Problem skin tea tree; a well-known Australian plant with fresh medicinal qualities, used for thousands of years: it helps to treat problem skin, oily skin & acne conditions.

Tea tree is a natural preventative treatment for problematic skin conditions and can be used without dehydrating or removing natural oils.

Flower Peel Tea Tree with help normalize the oil build up, will soften and help clear black heads and help with oily skin conditions.


• Anti-wrinkle

• Skin smoothing

• Eye rejuvenation

• Hydration

Rejuvenating Rose is one of nature’s most beautiful flowers with many therapeutic properties for the mind as well as the body.

Rose has always been associated with femininity and love and has a balancing effect on the skin, helping to improve skin texture and giving a more even complexion.