This cosmetic tattooing method utilises traditional tattoo equipment that is commonly used to introduce ink to the deep layers of the skin. Instead of ink, the removal method injects a pigment remover solution into the skin. 

After years in development and testing THink Pigment Remover is changing the face of removal with a safe liquid that you tattoo into the skin.

THink‚Äôs technical development focussed on creating a solution that is mild on the skin yet is able to dissolve remove pigment from the epidermis through cosmetic tattoo or skin needling machine techniques. The formula is a mildly acidic solution (glycolic acid) that is readily accepted by the skin, allowing the pigment to move to the skin surface and literally be wiped away. 

THink Pigment Remover is perfect for the following:

  • Removing / Lightening / Lifting previous PMU procedures (brows, lips etc)
  • Fading unwanted pigment
  • Brow Shape alteration
  • Removing / Lifting unwanted strokes (Microblading or machine hairstrokes)
  • Suitable for: Brows, Lips, Camouflage & Areola etc

The Skin Therapy Room uses Think Remover which has proven to be more effective than saline.

This is an extremely successful method for removing all Cosmetic Tattoos. Less chance of scarring and damage to the skin. 

This technique can take several sessions (normally three sessions) depending on the ink used, depth implanted the clients skin & healing process. 

Please book in for a complimentary consultation first so we can assess the tattoo to be removed/lightened.